Swissgolden Internet - shop

In the internet- shop of Swissgolden represents only investment gold bars of Switzerland and Germany manufacturers, gold bars of any values from 1 to 100 grams. These ingots are more accessible for purchasing and you keep your income.

There is a rule in calculating the gold price, the more weight of the gold the less price will be for 1g. As well as any other commercial Company Swissgolden works with markup. That is why the selling price will be always higher than the price of redemption.

Swissgolden Bullion. The Company “Gold Trade Establishment” produces investment gold bullion 999.9 branded “SG” (Swissgolden).

Swissgolden is the first Company on the gold market that applied modern technology solutions. Among them, there are three degrees of bullion protection:

  • A QR code;
  • An NFC chip;
  • The Hologram, which become visible in ultraviolet light.

Under this brand all the collection of bullions starting from 1 gram to 100 grams is going to be manufactured for the clients of our online shop, including the bigger bullions for our VIP-clients.

Valcambi SA, is a well known company for the processing of gold and production of gold bullions, it has a lot of variety gold bars such as cast gold and gold bars called Combibar.

Argor-Heraeus SA is the   largest Swisscompany of the  world which is produced and   manufactured  the  ingots. Gold bar weighs  from 999.9 to 100 grams of the standard “good delivery” and  is one of the products of this company. In 2004, the Association of  London Bullion Market (LBMA).

Argor-Heraeus SA has been designated as one of the five judges LBMA, the system Good Delivery.

Founded more than 140 years ago, the German company Degussa is one of the leading places in Switzerland among companies selling and providing services for the storage of precious metals. The company Degussa produces dimensional stamped bullion investment under its own brand. The company’s logo – a diamond, which consists of the sun and the moon, which is symbolized gold and silver.

March 20,2015 in London, began operating a new fixing for gold is headed by the London Association of precious metals market (LBMA).

Now a new process for determining the price of yellow precious metal is called LBMA Gold Price and carried it through the electronic auction, which takes place at 10.30 and 15.00 London time.

The online store will be opened to the customer, which must be paid for his further service of the Order to buy an investment gold.

The company provides secure storage of gold customers in the largest gold depositories Pro Aurum (Germany) and VIA MAT (Switzerland). The cost of storage is 1.2% per annum of the value of the stored volume of gold.

The company provides the physical delivery of bullion to any part of the world. The delivery costs  55 €.

If delivery bars weigh more than 5 grams, the company organises the delivery according to the individual customer’s request. Cost depends on the current customs regulations of the importing country. Delivery is made from Germany.