Secrets of gold in the beauty world

One of the first legends of the magic of gold started with Cleopatra. She who was believed to use gold masks in her face every night, a key to her historic – and still worldwide remembered – beauty. Another symbol of beauty are Asian Geishas, whose beauty still remains secret, are thought to put pure edible gold leaves on their face.
Besides masks, gold particles can be mixed with water and particles of other precious metals. Ingesting gold in food, for instance small particles in coffee, even though it gives no flavor, makes the skin in the face soft, smooth and gives it a special bright.
Its inflammatory properties helps avoid breakdown of elastin, slow down melaning secretion and reduce age. It is purely rejuvenating outside, as well as inside: this luxury drink rejuvenates inner organs, regulates body temperature and even serves as an aphrodisiac.
This harmonizing power highly influences on mental and emotional issues. It has been used to cure depression and anxiety and gives a feeling of full energy. One more wonder of this precious metal is that it can improve cognitive function – it has been demonstrated improvements in IQ in people who ingested gold, and even more concentration.