How to begin

Only those who passed the registration in the Swissgolden internet-shop can become participants of Swissgolden Bonus program

Registration is FREE on the official website of the Swissgolden company located at:

Every new customer upon registration receives an individual ID and a link to the registration for new partners.

The ID number ensures the correct and accurate account of the new partners for each existing partner.

Your unique ID number is used to signup new partners in to your organization.

After registration, you will fill out a form and sign a contract with the company for the purchase of an order. The agreement is placed in an electronic form on the website and stands firm electronically between the company and the client.

These types of contract are widely used in Internet shops and online services.

Swissgolden company offers its customers 3 types of contracts and 6 types of prepayments. You can decide what type of contract you want to sign.

Swissgolden company provides customers with a large variety of ways on how to make a prepayment order. You can choose which is most convenient and suitable for you.

After the prepayment is made, your order is placed in the system.

Placement of orders in the bonus program is conducted by a computer program. It will automatically place your order at the top level on the same table where your sponsor is located.

You have to verify your documents at the back office of your profile.

Without document verification all financial transactions for your account will be blocked.

Verification allows the company to be confident that it is a real person involved in the business. In addition, it helps to prevent cases of fraud or hacking.

Tracking systems will automatically transfer earned bonuses to your account when the following conditions have been met:

1. Your order is located on the third level of the accounting table.

2. The table is full.

3. You have referred at least two new customers to the internet shop with your sponsor ID.