How is the accrual of Bonuses

The Deposit is a guarantee that the company will make a profit and will not be taking a loss. In addition, it is working capital.

Swissgolden company also works on a prepaid basis. Advance payment is a guarantee that the transaction will be made by the client and the company will not be making a loss.

How the bonuses are accrued:

4 of the top cell of the Table of orders is designed to fill orders for new customers.

The order, which is on level 3 of the table receives a bonus reward on the condition of meeting the minimum requirement, (refer a minimum of 2 new customers) after completing the top four cells.

Orders from customers located on level 2 of the Table in any financial transactions are not available. They still won’t consider.

So, 4 new order, 4 new client. Each of them made a prepayment for the purchase of gold for €700.

In the company of 4 new clients received the sum of €2,800.

In the amount of €2,800 Swissgolden company buys gold from manufacturers at wholesale price.

To the client on level 3 on the main table of orders, of the amount prepaid €2,800, the company pays €2,100 in gold and €700 in gold.

€700 in gold is used for reinvestment on the next cycle of the Contract.

Of bonus compensation in the amount of €2,100, the company deducts €210 (10%). This is the trade Commission of the company.

To customer who has complied with the terms of the Bonus program, the company pays investment gold bullion to the amount of €1,890.

Please note that the company does not transfer money to new customers, those customers go to Bonus compensation. The company buys gold for the amount of the prepayment,and that is its PRODUCTS the company pays Bonuses.

There are 2 ways how to distinguish a trading company from a financial pyramid:

As You can see – Swissgolden company operates as a trading organization.