About the SwissGolden Company



swissgolden-presentation-1-638Swissgolden corporation – is an international Сompany that provides services in the area of operations with investment gold bullions 999.9. The Swissgolden Сompany handle sales and purchases of  gold in the internet-shop all around the world.


The Company was registered on the 14th  of June 2012 in the British Virgin Islands, which is under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom and it is a free economic zone. The Company’s Registration number is: 1717837

Located at the British Virgin Islands –  white offshores mean that they are included in the “white list” of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).




The internet-shop of Swissgolden represents only investment gold bars of Switzerland and German manufacturers, gold bars of any value from 1 to 100 grams. These ingots are more accessible to purchase by people and for building your own income.


There is a rule in calculating the gold price, the more weight of the gold the less price will be for 1g. As well as any other commercial Company, Swissgolden works with markup. That is why the selling price will be always higher than the price of redemption.




The contract between the customer and the company is set to purchase gold bullion. Swissgolden company offers its customers 3 types of contract and 6 types of prepayments.


img-20150722-wa0062The customer is the main agreement with Swissgolden, according to which orders the purchase of investment gold bars for the sum of €7 000. Terms of performance of the contract is not limited. The client can perform the contract working in the bonus program or make a purchase using his/her own funds.


Advance payment for investment gold bars in the main contract is €720 (10% of total orders). Customers who are not able to work immediately in the top order are provided an alternative design reservation. In this case, advance payment will be €220. Passage through the preliminary payment cycle will provide the customer a top order.


Under the terms of the agreement VIP customer places an order for the purchase of investment gold bars for the sum of €27,500. The client can perform the contract by participating in the bonus program or make a purchase using his/her own funds. Making Home Order by VIP agreement is €2,800. Prepayment of  Preliminary VIP order is €1,050.


VIP Plus contract provides for the purchase of investment gold bars for the sum of €98 000. The customer can make the full amount of the contract or has the right to participate in the bonus program. Time-bound implementation of the contract is exempted. The advance payment for participation in the bonus program after the VIP PLUS contract is 9,800. Prepayment of  Preliminary VIP PLUS order is €3,550.





There are two ways to buy investment gold bars on the Internet – shop of Swissgolden: the traditional way or through the accumulative bonus program store.




To pass the procedure of identification, the person should go to the [SETUP / DOCUMENT], and upload scanned copies of their passport, a utility bill or a residence permit. If within 24 hours SwissGolden does not receive confirmation of the order, the order will be canceled.


The company provides secure storage of her customers gold in the largest gold depositories Pro Aurum (Germany) and VIA MAT (Switzerland). The cost of storage is 1.2% per annum of the value of the stored volume of gold.


The company provides the physical delivery of gold bullion to any part of the world. The delivery costs  €55. For delivery bars weighing more than 5 grams, the company organizes the delivery according to the individual customer’s request. Cost depends on the current customs regulations of the importing country. Delivery is made from Germany.




In the Bonus program, each client who has already paid his/her order has  an opportunity to get unlimited bonuses from the Swissgolden company for successful promotion of goods and services that are provided by the company via her Internet-shop. Company buys an investment gold at the current purchase prices through the personal customer’s account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the prices of the WebShop.


After placement of the order on Preliminary table (in any of the agreements), customer can cancel the contract without giving any reasons, within 72 hours, and get the prepayment back. The prepayment 220 and 1050 euro will be sent back to the customer’s Swissgolden account in the Internet-shop. The customer can withdraw the money to a personal bank account or use it to purchase an investment gold in the Internet-shop.


For the main table investors, cancellation of contract is within 14 days. The prepayment 720, 2800 or 9850 euro will be sent back to the customer’s Swissgolden account in the Internet-shop.


The owner of an order has the right to finish the Order at the expense of money resources to the full sum of execution of the order and to receive bars of investment gold. If at the moment of preliminary cycle completion a partner hasn’t fulfilled the minimal condition (invited 2 new investors), his order gets withdrawn from the program. Contract is considered terminated and the advance payment (220 or 1,050 euro) is used in the purchase of gold ingots. The owner can either sell the ingots or leave for storage or request a delivery.


For investors in the 1st main cycle, there would be an advancement to the 2nd cycle without payout if minimal conditions are not met (invitation of 2 new investors).  If the minimal condition is not fulfilled up to 3rd cycle completion, the order gets withdrawn from the program. Contract is considered terminated. For the amount of advance payment (720, 2800 or 9800 euro) for customer a set of gold ingots will be bought. The owner can either sell ingots, leave for storage, or request a delivery.


Any participant of the Swissgolden Bonus program has an opportunity to receive bonuses from the Company for successful promotion of goods and services provided by the Company via internet-shop.